Please see images on each listing. Images are current and show the card for sale. Listings with multiple cards for sale will show similar condition.

Pack Fresh: Condition as expected straight from a booster pack. Flaws which may be present include light waxing or print lines (more common in newer sets). 

NM+ (Near Mint +): Condition as new with the only factory flaws being present.

NM (Near Mint): Condition close to mint. Flaws may include very minor whitening, a very faint scratch or waxing. 

NM-EXC (Near Mint to Excellent): Flaws may include very minor wear which does not affect the card integrity. 

EXC (Excellent): Flaws may include a nick to an edge or corner, minor scratching, waxing or wear. 

EXC-LP (Excellent - Light Play): Flaws may include the above alongside very minor signs of play to corners, edges and corners. 

LP (Light Play): Flaws include signs or wear to corners, edges and surfaces but the card integrity remains in tact. 

LP-MP (Light - Moderate Play): Flaws will show signs of light to moderate play including wear to surfaces, edges and corners. May include light scratching or signs of age. 

MP (Moderate Play): Flaws will be more obvious and wear to corners, edges and surfaces more apparent. 

HP (Heavy Play): Flaws will include worn or scuffed edges and corners, surface wear or wear to text. 

DMG (Damage): Flaws will include damage such as tears, creases, dents, bends or deep scratches. 

This list is not exhaustive but goes some way to outline what to expect when buying a card. Please ensure you are happy with the images and description BEFORE buying. I am always happy to provide more images in different light, close ups and images of flaws. 

If you a buying a card to be graded, please get in touch FIRST.